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Climate tips

As an individual, the main areas where you can instantly impact your own carbon footprint in a substantial way are linked to your diet, home, travelling and shopping/consumption habits. It is also crucial that we support a system change, why we have also included this in our round up.


The carbon footprint of a diet

Meat eater's non dogmatic guide to becoming more vegetarian

How to reduce your carbon footprint from food


Making the change to green electricity

The carbon footprint of a home

The five best tips for a climate friendly renovation


The carbon footprint of long distance traveling

The carbon footprint of our traveling

Emissions from different ways to travel

Consumption / shopping

The carbon footprint of shopping

Not buying new clothes? Here's what you can do instead

How to shop sustainably when you are living a very busy life

System change

Vote for the climate!

Civil disobedience for the climate?

Signing peitions for the climate

Learn more about your carbon footprint

Me and my carbon footprint

What is a carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of public consumption