CO2 Transparency


Founded in 2017, GoClimate works with the purpose to slow down climate change. This is mainly done by reducing carbon dioxide emissions - the main cause of the climate crisis.

We calculate your emissions, support you in reducing them, and offer a subscription service for contributing to certified climate projects. We believe that if we all work together, we can both reduce emissions at an individual and corporate level and at the same time put pressure on governments to improve legislation. We always have climate justice in mind and work with 100% transparency.

Read more about how GoClimate's transparency page works here.

Climate Achievements

Ambitious targets
GoClimate has not set reduction targets that meet the criteria. See requirements
Reduced emissions
For 2022, GoClimate reduced emissions by 1.17 tonnes (-34.02%) compared to the year before. See requirements
Financing climate projects
GoClimate supported Gold Standard-certified climate projects corresponding to 396.79% of its most recent carbon footprint. See requirements

Emissionstonnes CO2e

The emissions for 2022 can be compared to

6,976 hours by train
11 hours by plane
1,030 hamburgers
4,536 vegan burgers

Greenhouse Gas Protocol emissions

Scope 10%0
Scope 25.08%0.12
Scope 394.92%2.15
Scope 1 Direct emissions from assets owned or controlled by the company
Scope 2 Indirect emissions from purchased energy such as electricity or heating
Scope 3 Other indirect emissions upstream and downstream in the value chain

Projects financed


Burn stoves project in Kenya

For 2022 GoClimate financed this Gold standard project to avoid 9 CO2e. This corresponds to 396.79% or their emissions for 2022. Read more about the project here.

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