Supporting different causes by signing petitions can be a very powerful and easy way of creating change. We have collected active petitions in different areas of the world – browse our suggestions below and get ready to make a difference!

Bundesbank, don’t stand against climate action! (
Sign and demand the EU and EU governments withdraw from the ECT (EU) (
Stop big polluters from suing our governments (

Raise your voice for Climate Justice – (Greenpeace International)
Support a #justrecovery (

Who should decide the future of the Amazon? Support Amazon Frontlines

– Stop plastic pollution (WWF)

Tell Toyota to end sales of cars that burn fossil fuels (Greenpeace)

Save the wild coast! (Greenpeace)

Bring justice to the Amazon (Avaaz)

Vi kräver lagar som skyddar miljöförsvarare! (Naturskyddsföreningen)

Fossilreklam, nej tack! (Greenpeace)
Skydda Amazonas och säg nej till handelsavtalet med Brasilien! (Greenpeace)

Skydda svensk skog (Greenpeace)

Flygfritt 2022

Say no to polluter payouts (Paid to pollute)

Tell Tesco: Stop forest destruction (Greenpeace)

UK Government: No more oil and gas (Greenpeace)

Tell President Biden: Ban New Oil and Gas Permits on Public Lands and Waters – (Greenpeace)

Demand an end to human rights violations and the destruction of the Amazon rainforest (Greenpeace)

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