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GoClimate offers automated sustainability solutions with a human touch. Which of our tools is best suited to your business?


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Automated climate calculations

Hållbarhetskollen automatically calculates your company's climate emissions based on your accounting, which makes it a simple tool perfect to kick-start your sustainability work. The calculations are based on data collected through invoices and receipts, and are categorized according to their climate impact, based on the GHG protocol.

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Climate calculator

Our climate calculator for businesses allows you to quickly get an overview of your emissions. This solution is ideal for service companies and SMEs that want to get a quick overview of their emissions.

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CO2 Transparency

GoClimate's CO2 Transparency page allows companies to showcase their climate impact in a clear and transparent way. We believe that transparency is the most powerful way to drive climate action, while greatly reducing the risk of greenwashing. Companies that are open and honest about their emissions are motivated to take more action, while demonstrating a credibility and commitment that serves as an inspiration to others.

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Climate advice and manual calculations

If you need more support and advice, our climate advisors are happy to help with manual calculations, where we evaluate your current activities and get an understanding of what actions your company can take to reduce emissions.

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Financing certified climate projects

Whether you're using our other services or just looking for great climate projects to support, we want your money to have maximum impact. We offer a selection of the most impactful and high quality climate projects to fund.

Hållbarhetskollen helps us keep track of our emissions and thanks to the low cost, we can now put all our resources into reducing our footprint!

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We can also help with inspirational lectures, workshops and technical integrations. Contact us at [email protected] and we will tell you more!