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What is GoClimate?

We support climate projects certified by the UN and Gold Standard, and assist you with tips on how to lower your carbon footprint. Together we are the change we want to see for the planet.

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  • We follow a rigorous evaluation process following criterias for high-quality carbon projects defined by the WWF.
  • We pick projects that gives maximum climate impact, while also contributing to other UN sustainability goals.
  • Your financial contribution equals your individual carbon footprint.

Wind Park Vader Piet N.V, Aruba

Aruba is one of the small islands moving towards reduced dependency on fossil fuels and increased share of renewables. The first initiative for wind energy production on the island is the Wind Park Vader Piet N.V, providing some 15 % of the island's energy demand.

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We want you to feel safe with how your money makes an impact. We continuously update the site with our outgoings, making sure that you know where every cent is used.

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