Automated climate calculations

Hållbarhetskollen automatically calculates your company's climate emissions based on your accounting, which makes it a simple tool perfect to kick-start your sustainability work. The calculations are based on data collected through invoices and receipts, and are categorized according to their climate impact, based on the GHG protocol.

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Sustainability as a competitive advantage

Working with sustainability is a given for many SME’s, but for many of them lack of time and/or budget stops them from doing it well. We want to change that, by offering a simple and cost-effective way to get an overview of emissions and make a real difference. Solid sustainability work is a must in order to operate a business responsibly, but on top of that there are several other major benefits.

  • Want to increase sales?

    Sustainable products grow by 28%, vs. 20% for products without sustainability claims.1

  • Looking for ways to strengthen your position in procurements?

    New EU directives make sustainability reporting a requirement not only for large companies but for their subcontractors too. Keeping track of their own emissions makes SMEs attractive partners for larger players. 42% of big companies have already had to change SME suppliers due to lacking sustainability action2, making this the perfect opportunity to get your own sustainability reporting in order.

  • Trying to become a more attractive employer?

    A sustainability focus with future employers is a must for many talents, today.

  • Do you want to build a stronger brand?

    81% of millennials want companies to show their sustainability work publicly3, something we can help you with - without the risk of greenwashing.

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Climate reporting

When companies choose to calculate their emissions through Hållbarhetskollen, they will receive a customized climate report that clearly shows where the emissions come from. The report makes a great platform for both internal and external communication around the company's sustainability efforts.

Our partners

GoClimate is a great partner that offers a unique sustainability solution to all our customers. And best of all, it's just a few clicks away for the business owner.

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Partner Manager Fortnox

GoClimate has already helped over 1000 companies with their sustainability work. Contact us today to allow you and your customers to be part of the solution!