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Estimate your business footprint

Estimating your business climate footprint is the first step when taking responsiblity for the climate emissions that your business causes. After completing this form, we will calculate your total business climate footprint, and you will be able to offset the emissions in certified climate projects.

1. General information


2. Energy

The energy consumption of a business is often the largest source of a service business climate footprint. This calculator takes the three most commonly largest energy consuming sources into account; electricity, heating and the amount of servers running.

(how do I know?)
(how do I know?)

3. Business trips

Business travel can be a large source of a business climate footprint, especielly if many long distance trips are made or if you have sales people on the road.


4. Food

Depending on the type of business and the type of food served, food can be a large source of a business climate footprint.


5. Material

Electronics often have a factor 10x larger climate footprint than most other material bought, like T-shirts or furniture. If large amounts of other material than electronics have been bought, like lots of furniture if the business has moved during the period, it can be calculated separately and entered in the Other-field at the end of this form.


6. Other

It's hard to capture a business all emissions in one form. Most companies have other sources of emissions that might be large, but not very common. Is your business organizing events with speakers from all around the world that are flown in? Do you have consultants that need to commute long distances every week to get to your customers? Calculate and enter the emissions below. Coffee, fruits and waste will automatically be included in this category based on the number of employees you have. If you need help with calculations, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

kg CO2e

7. Contact

To be able to get a link to the climate calculation we create you need to enter your e-mail adress.

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