Second time offsetting in Za Hung Hydropower

We have now offset another 15000 ton CO2eq in a CDM and Gold Standard certified project! A big thank you to all our more than 2400 users for making this possible!

We have offset via the Za Hung Hydropower project before, you can read about that time here. Za Hung Hydropower is a small scale hydropower project situated at the A Vuong River in the Quang Nam province, in the South Central region of Vietnam. With an electricity generation of 114,079 MWh per year, the plant contributes to bridging the supply-demand gap in the region and improves the livelihoods of local communities where minority ethnic groups live.

More information about this project in the Gold Standard registry (including verification and monitoring reports):

More information on the UN-site here:



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2 Replies to “Second time offsetting in Za Hung Hydropower”

  1. Is this project really helping our environment? I mean, I heard a lot about those water plants to destroy some wildlife (Las Vegas e.g.) and having an impact on the ecosystem around. Is it 100 percent secure, that no living being (not only human being) was being harmed by your projects? I just want to know that before investing in something like that.

    1. Hello Vivien!
      The projects we invest in are all reviewed by independent groups just to make sure that the projects does not harm human beings or wild life. The Gold Standard foundation was started by ca 80 non profit organizations (among them WWF) as a reaction to that some earlier climate projects had side effects that were harmful. I don’t think it’s possible to be 100% sure, but we need to stop climate change and thoroughly reviewed and certified climate projects like the ones we invest in are needed and as close as you can get to 100% sure.
      I hope that was an ok answer to your question!

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