Inrego want to highlight circular IT as a competitive advantage

Sebastian Holmström, works as Sustainability Manager at Inrego.

Inrego wants to change buying behavior and promote circular IT as a competitive advantage.

Laptops, computers, mobile phones, and other IT products can be reused just like cars, boats, or bicycles.

“After 28 years in the industry, we know that a reconditioned product lasts just as long as a new one, so we offer the same warranty as for new products.” says Sebastian Holmström, Sustainability Manager at Inrego.

 “It is important for us to show that there is a difference between reused products that have not been worked properly on and reconditioned products that have been upgraded and are sold with a warranty.”

Sustainability plays a crucial role in being an attractive employer

Sebastian has experienced that the market for reused electronics is thriving since a few years back, for several reasons – not least because of how sustainable business practices strengthen the brand.

“We see that circular IT has become a competitive advantage, where sustainable IT management is crucial to attract young talent to the company. Sustainability plays a crucial role in being an attractive employer, and the demand for reused products has increased significantly for this reason.”

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