6 things your company can do for climate

Investing in your company’s sustainability lets you enjoy the result of happier employees and an overall stronger offer and brand, while contributing to a healthier planet. Here are some of the most important things your company can do:

1. Calculate your company’s emissions

By calculating your company’s carbon footprint, you get an overview of your main sources of emissions, allowing you to take relevant action in the areas that will have the most impact. Try out our simple business calculator to get started!

2. Set a climate policy

Implementing a climate policy covering everything from how you travel to what demands you should put on suppliers in terms of their sustainability efforts, sets you up for success. Not to mention how much it will help employees in everyday decisions, as well as create a great base for communication around your sustainability efforts.

3. Go veggie first and reduce food waste

Serve vegetarian or vegan food as the norm. 35% of the world’s emissions stem from food, and eating less meat is one of the most meaningful changes people can make to cut greenhouse gas emissions and help reduce deforestation.  If people in developed countries switched to more fruit and veg, emissions could fall a whole 29% by 2050. * 

Half of the emissions from the food industry comes from food waste today. Reduce your company’s food waste by notifying coworkers when there is food left from events and meetings, to take home.

4. Buy second hand IT equipment and repair before buying new

Replace IT equipment only when it is no longer working, instead of as often as every third or fourth year, as is the current average. Buy second-hand equipment instead of buying new – and fix first! Always try to repair before buying new. Pro-longing tech items’ lifespan by just a couple of years can have a great positive impact on the climate.

5. Switch to renewable energy

Switching to renewable (green) electricity is probably the easiest way to make a significant difference to your overall emissions. Green energy comes from natural sources and is sustainably sourced – and the switch is a crucial step in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

6. Balance your emissions through certified climate projects

Taking ownership and reducing your overall impact on the planet is a crucial step in future-proofing your business. Balancing your emissions through financing climate projects is one way to take responsibility for your emissions on top of reducing them. GoClimate offers climate financing through certified Gold Standard projects, which on top of speeding up global climate action, contribute to local sustainable development by offering jobs, contributing to gender equality or improving air quality.

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