How GoClimate selects climate projects

For us at GoClimate, it is important to maximize the climate benefits of the money contributed to climate projects by our members and corporate customers. We prioritize quality and efficiency when selecting which climate projects to support.
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Last updated: 2024-05-06

We have chosen to work only with projects certified by Gold Standard, as we believe that Gold Standard has the strictest and highest requirements for climate projects.

Why Gold Standard?

Grievance mechanism: This serves as a formal complaint process that workers or local communities can use when a company's activities negatively affect them in some way. Other types of certifications do not guarantee this, but we at GoClimate see it as a given to protect those locally affected by the projects. Focus on the 1,5-degree goal:The projects supported by Gold Standard are those that help us achieve our global climate goals. This means they do not support projects related to fossil fuels or nuclear energy. Updated requirements: Gold Standard regularly updates its requirements to ensure that the money is used where it does the most good for the climate. The selection process is based on the following criteria to ensure that each project truly contributes to climate improvements: Certification: We require that an independent third party certifies the projects, which ensures that they meet continuously updated and higher standards. Additionality: It is crucial that the projects would not have occurred without funding from climate initiatives. This principle guarantees that our investment makes a real difference. Read more about additionality here. Verification: The climate benefit of each project is verified by an independent third party, ensuring its effectiveness and credibility. Traceability: We ensure that the funding is traceable through transparent and open databases. This prevents double counting and ensures the project's credibility. Durability: The projects must offer a lasting effect, meaning that the benefits do not disappear over time. Contribution to Sustainable Development: In addition to the direct climate benefits, the projects should also contribute to sustainable development, such as creating jobs or contributing to cleaner air. It is important that the projects do not contribute to negative social development where they are implemented.

We also look at how long a project has been running, what year the climate credits are from, whether there have been local protests about the project and if so why, if the economic conditions for that type of project have changed, and what the latest research says. We simply focus on supporting the climate projects that we see as providing the greatest climate benefit. Our conclusion is that supporting Gold Standard-certified projects is the best way to make a difference right now- but we are open to changing our focus if we find other ways to make an even greater climate benefit in the future.

We offer climate financing in carefully selected certified climate projects. If you are not already aware of your emissions, we have services that can help you with that too. Do you already know your company's climate footprint?