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Estimate the carbon footprint of your business

Estimating the carbon footprint of your business is the first step to taking responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions that your business operations cause. After you have completed this form, you will be presented with the total climate footprint of your business, and you will be given the option to finance certified climate projects for the corresponding number of emissions.

1. General information


2. Energy

The energy consumption can be a significant source of GHG emissions for a service business. This calculator covers the most relevant direct uses of energy; electricity, heating and servers.

(how do I know?)
(how do I know?)

3. Business trips

Business travel can contribute substantially to the carbon footprint of your business operations, especially if many long distance trips are made or if you have sales people on the road.


4. Food

Depending on the type of business and the type of food served, this can also be a category that contributes to the business carbon footprint.


5. Purchased goods

Electronics overall have a larger carbon footprint than most other purchased goods, when compared to items such as T-shirts, prints or occasional furniture. Therefore, we only ask for these items here. If large amounts of other goods or materials have been bought, for example significant amounts of furniture if the business has relocated during the reporting period, this can be calculated separately and reported in the category ‘Other’ at the end of this form.


6. Other

It is challenging to capture all potential emission sources from a business in one form. It should be stressed that many companies can have other sources of emissions that might be large for them, but not very common overall. Do you use a logistics provider to transport goods for you? Have you purchased considerable amounts of goods or other supplies? If possible, you can calculate or find out the emissions yourself and enter the amount below – remember to ask your suppliers for data so that you can report more accurately! If you need help with calculations, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Also, average values for coffee, snacks (fruit) and waste will automatically be included in this category based on the number of employees you report.

kg CO2e

7. Contact

To be able to provide you with a link to the carbon footprint calculation we create, you need to enter your contact information.

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