“With GoClimate, not only do we become CO2 transparent but together create a more sustainable colocation industry”

Christoffer Linder, Sustainability Project Manager at Conapto.

Conapto offers secure and flexible data center colocation as well as cloud connectivity – all with a focus on sustainability. Switching to renewable electricity, recycling heat from data centers, and recycling electronics are just some of the initiatives Conapto is pursuing to become a more sustainable company.

“Prioritizing sustainability is not only important for Conapto but also for our customers and society at large. Thanks to our great partnership with GoClimate, which enables us to become even more knowledgeable about sustainability issues, we can become CO2 transparent and together create a more sustainable colocation industry with a healthy future mindset,” says Christoffer Linder, Sustainability Project Manager at Conapto.

Strive to reduce emissions

Since the beginning of its journey in 2008, with the establishment of the data center Stockholm 2 South and the decision to focus on sustainability issues, Conapto has continuously strived to reduce its emissions. This commitment led to a switch from Fortum to Vattenfall in 2021, which enables the use of 100% renewable energy from water and wind, as well as the ability to match energy consumption on an hourly basis through Vattenfall’s 24/7 matching system.

This system displays production hour by hour and not only increases transparency but also ensures that Conapto can fulfill its commitment to 100% renewable electricity every hour of the day, all year round. The only exception is during potential power cuts, where backup generators are used. Since 2022, the company has invested in new generators that enable the use of Ecopar diesel, a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel.

Energy in the data halls is being reused as heat

Another central part of Conapto’s sustainability work is their focus on heat recovery. The collaboration with Stockholm Exergi and Sollentuna Energi and Miljö enables the redirection of residual heat from the data center back to the local district heating network, which contributes to, among other things, recycled and cost-effective heat for residential homes. The goal is to reuse up to 90% of the energy fed into the data halls.

Conapto’s sustainability initiatives also extend to its environmental and energy management systems, which are certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. The certifications testify to Conapto’s systematic approach to integrating environmental and energy management into their operations, facilitating continuous improvement of energy performance.In addition to these measures, Conapto also recycles electronics in collaboration with Stena Recycling, which has saved more than 350 000 tons of CO2 since 2020. 

Conapto’s business model is an excellent example of how companies can operate sustainably by reducing their climate impact while offering high-quality services. We hope that their integration of environmentally friendly solutions across their operations can serve as inspiration for other companies in the industry!

Take a look at Conapto’s CO2-transparency page for more insight into how they work to reduce their emissions!

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