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Conapto AB was launched on October 1, 2018 as a result of an acquisition of Sungard Availability Services’ Swedish operations. The company offers secure, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective colocation facilities for your physical hardware as well as market-leading access to the cloud.

Conapto works with GoClimate to take responsibility for the environmental friendliness of its offer in terms of its climate impact by: -- keeping track of the evolution of its carbon footprint, we identify the reduction actions that have been working and where others should be taken. -- financing climate projects to reduce the emissions that would go out into the atmosphere without them.

Through this page, we show a raw and clear view of where Conapto's climate work stands. You can see how it has been evolving and where it is going + what gaps still need filling to decouple more and more from carbon emissions.

Read more about how GoClimate's transparency page works here.

Climate Achievements

Ambitious targets
Conapto aims to reduce emissions in line with the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Agreement. See requirements
Reduced emissions
For 2022, Conapto did not reduce emissions enough to meet the requirements for this achievement. See requirements
Financing climate projects
Conapto did not support climate projects according to the criteria for this achievement. See requirements

Emissionstonnes CO2e

The increase in emissions is largely connected to the building of two new server halls in 2022, coming from the building process of the halls and the associated new equipment.

If these activities had not taken place the total carbon footprint for 2023 would have had a slight reduction from 2021 levels with a total of 333 tonnes of CO2e - even when emissions also rose in aspects like business travel due to an increase in flights and purchases which include IT equipment.

Behaviors that led to a reduction of emissions when excluding the new server halls -- Change to less impactful fuels to power the server halls -- Less electricity use in the main office -- Reduced use of cars by employees as a commuting mode of transport

Steps forward Below there is a list of the actions the company is taking to reduce its Green House Emissions. In addition to those, Conapto needs to work on finding options for how to scale its business in a way that is decoupled from emissions and other environmental impacts.

The emissions for 2022 can be compared to

3,263,075 hours by train
5,304 hours by plane
482,193 hamburgers
2,121,651 vegan burgers

Greenhouse Gas Protocol emissions

Scope 13.05%32.38
Scope 20.32%3.43
Scope 396.62%1025.02
Scope 1 Direct emissions from assets owned or controlled by the company
Scope 2 Indirect emissions from purchased energy such as electricity or heating
Scope 3 Other indirect emissions upstream and downstream in the value chain


With 2022 as the base year, Conapto's climate targets are: -- For scopes 1 & 2 to have a 42% absolute reduction by 2030 - aligned with a 1.5 °C trajectory -- An intensity scope 3 target to reduce by 51,6% the share of emissions per kW capacity of the data halls by 2030

Climate actions

  • Replace petroleum diesel oil with biodiesel like HVO100 or GTL based EcoPar fuel in generators and vehicles where possible
  • Optimize energy usage to improve data enter efficiency and minimize the use of diesel fuels for generators
  • Purchase electricity from 100% renewable sources like wind, water and solar power
  • Explore possibilities to choose greener district heating
  • Choose public transportation like train instead of using cars and air travel
  • Choose vegetarian or vegan food
  • Choose IT-partners and cloud providers that use renewable energy
  • Recycle and reuse as much as possible
  • Encourage employees to use public transportation or cycle to and from work
  • Use the IT equipment as long as possible before tech refresh
  • Continue to work with energy efficiency in the data centers
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