“Hållbarhetskollen makes it clear what impact our purchases have”

Helena Ericsson, CEO of Ratius

Ratius Mässbyrå is a full-service provider of exhibition stands, with expertise in design and project management, from idea to final delivery. The company, with its 15 employees, is based in Norrtälje, Sweden, and works domestically as well as internationally. They also handle everything post production, such as dismantling and storage of stand materials, which allows for reuse at the next event.

Ratius has long been committed to sustainability issues. In the early 2000s, they built new premises that enabled the storage of customers’ materials. This circular thinking is crucial in an industry that produces materials for short-term exposure, which requires sustainable and high-quality materials.

“We have always strived to minimize our environmental impact, from recycling of residual products to sustainable transport solutions,” says Helena Ericsson, CEO of Ratius.

Important with economical and social sustainability

For Ratius, sustainability encompasses more than just environmental issues; it also includes financial and social sustainability.

“Without a sustainable financial situation, we cannot invest in sustainable production and modern machinery. And without financial sustainability, we cannot ensure adequate conditions for everyone who works for us and our customers,” Helena explains.

Social sustainability also means working with reasonable lead times and ensuring that all involved parties collaborate effectively.

Hållbarhetskollen makes the sustainability work easier

The collaboration with Hållbarhetskollen has significantly helped Ratius’ sustainability work.

“Hållbarhetskollen makes it clear what impact our purchases have, and it gives us concrete areas to focus on for a sustainable future” says Helena.

She emphasizes the importance of collaboration with customers to achieve sustainability goals, as many decisions and choices affect Ratius’ purchases and operations.

Helena recommends Hållbarhetskollen to other companies:

“It provides concrete grounds for discussing sustainability at many levels – internally, with customers, as well as in the boardroom. These dialogues must lead to decisions and actions for us to make a real difference and create change.”

Try Hållbarhetskollen!

Check out Ratius Mässbyrå here.

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