Landfill Gas to Electricity Project in Thailand

Thailand Landfil gas to electricity project
Thailand Landfil gas to electricity project

We have now offset another 4000 ton CO2eq in a CDM and Gold Standard certified project! The project is a landfill gas to electricity project, which means that the project extracts and captures gas from a landfill site and converts it to electricity. The electricity is used in Thailand which has an otherwise a very coal, oil and natural gas intense electricity grid – with about 12% renewables –and is planning to increase the amount of electricity coming from coal plats, which makes this project have an extra large impact.

A big thank you to all our users! Thank you so much for making this possible!

More information about this project in the Gold Standard registry (including verification and monitoring reports):

More information on the UN-site here:

Certificate: Certifikat GO Climate Neutral Thai Landfill Gas

Invoice: Kvitto Go Climate-2

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