Why vote?

One of the most important actions that we can take for climate action is to vote - Why is that?
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Last updated: 2024-05-02

Voting for those who drive climate and environmental action is the one single individual action with the biggest impact for the climate, the one with the biggest snow-ball effect.

Head of states, parliament representatives, congress women and men, etc. have the power to create and pass or reject laws.

Laws are part of the structure based in which we live. They are the rules and pathways that determine how people act or not, and maybe most importantly for the climate: how companies act or not. Laws that are aligned with climate will guarantee that action is taken beyond polarization, as everyone will be required to follow them regardless. It means that more and more people will constantly take climate action facilitated by what has been set up by the laws instead of only relying on their individual choices. If we all follow rules of the game that drive climate action, greater achievements will be reached. Similarly, if people in power do not prioritize climate action or even water down existent one, the magnifying effect will go in the other direction resulting in way less action than needed and possibly in even more negative impacts than those had before.

In the words of UN Secretary General “our world needs climate action on all fronts - everything, everywhere, all at once”. Willingness to drive the collaboration and vision to do this is key and sadly it only comes from those who prioritize the climate

Leaders that prioritize the climate are more willing to work with other policy makers worldwide to facilitate global action. This is critical since for different parts of the world, action looks different and so do the possibility to take it. Thus, we need to work on it together to facilitate a process that can include as many as possible. When looking at the individual country (or group when they work as such), climate action happens with companies, organizations, local governments and other stakeholders. Thus, leaders who are willing to sit down and work with them on how to open space for the implementation of the rules and the cleaning of the path set is vital. It is key to guarantee as many as possible take part in the solution by helping them cross difficulties that might come up or to take into account realities not foreseen.

Climate action needs funds and thus it needs leaders who are willing to take on the work to direct them

Even if climate action has been taken before through legislation, there are instances when new governments can take all that work back and leave us in 0.

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