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About us

Founded in 2017, GoClimate works with the purpose to slow down climate change. This is mainly done by reducing carbon dioxide emissions - the main cause of the climate crisis.

We calculate your emissions, support you in reducing them, and offer a subscription service for contributing to certified climate projects. We believe that if we all work together, we can both reduce emissions at an individual and corporate level and at the same time put pressure on governments to improve legislation. We always have climate justice in mind and work with 100% transparency.

We want to facilitate the journey towards climate-friendliness and show that if we care for our planet - and each other - we can live great and luxurious lives.

Who are we?


Kalle Nilvér

Likes vegan chocolate cake and cute animals on the internet. MSc in Information Technology and Business Economics.

Phone: +46706084374


Cecilia Lindén

Cissi has a degree in Business Economics and is well versed with climate calculations and sustainability questions. Ecology nerd and horticulture genius.


Tove Westling

Global Strategist with vast international PR & Communication experience, not least from running PR agency VARG PR in London since 2008. Now based in Stockholm, steadily working towards personal goal of sharing her home with more rescue dogs than is socially accepted.


Andrea Cantillo

MSc in environmental science. In love with nature and everything that it gives us. Passionate about how our society can be developed hand in hand with nature. Is constantly evolving and looking for better ways forward.


Desirée Widell

Digital creator who wants to tell the world a new story about the benefits of a sustainable life. Likes second hand shopping and spending time in the woods, preferably with dogs.


Pia Fåk Sunnanbo

Software generalist with strong beliefs in the powers of teamwork and agile methodologies. Enthusiastic but unskilled skier who loves to dance ballet. Enjoys trees, silence and drinking coffee while looking at water or mountains.


Johanna Axelsson

Software developer focused on quality and getting the whole picture that wants to help people help the climate. Lives a relaxed life on the countryside and appreciates what nature gives us.


Don Callias

Environmental science graduate with a knack for customer service. Strong passion for inspiring others to take climate action. Plant-based food enthusiast who thrives in the wild.


Carl Nygren

Software engineer with experience from development of distributed fibre optic systems for seepage monitoring and dam failure prevention. Bouldering enthusiast who loves autumn days in the mountains and forming peaceful piano music.

Why does GoClimate exist?

To keep the global temperature increase below 1.5 ° C, carbon dioxide emissions must be reduced by 50% by 2030. We obviously wish that we, as individuals, did not have to take such a big responsibility for the effects our lifestyles have on the climate. In fact, we think it’s absolutely bonkers. But with temperature increasing faster than ever, and governments and world leaders not implementing the systemic change that is urgently needed, we must do what we can even at an individual level, to have a chance of slowing down the climate catastrophe and save millions of lives - people as well as animals.

How do we slow down climate change?

To slow down climate change, as many people as possible need to live climate-friendly lives. We believe that the best way to do this is to reduce our own climate footprint as much as possible and to finance effective climate projects that accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. The climate projects we support are all Gold Standard certified, to ensure our joint efforts are as safe and sustainable as possible. Further info about the projects we support can be found here. We are convinced that the climate crisis can be slowed down - if there are enough of us who act and if we start NOW.