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About us

Founded in 2017, GoClimate works with the purpose to slow down climate change. This is mainly done by reducing carbon dioxide emissions - the main cause of the climate crisis.

We help you - companies as well as individuals - calculate your emissions and support you in reducing them. We believe that if we all work together, we can both reduce emissions at an individual and corporate level and at the same time put pressure on governments to improve legislation. We always have climate justice in mind and work with 100% transparency.

We want to facilitate the journey towards a sustainable world and show that if we care for our planet - and each other - we can live great and luxurious lives.

Who are we?


Kalle Nilvér

Co-founder & CEO

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Cecilia Lindén

Co-founder & Climate advisor

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Tove Westling

Global marketing strategist

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Andrea Cantillo

Climate advisor

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Desirée Widell

Social Media manager

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Pia Fåk Sunnanbo

Software developer

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Johanna Axelsson

Software developer

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Don Callias

Climate advisor

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Carl Nygren

Software developer

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