Why the most sustainable outfit is already in your wardrobe

Here, we gathered links with sources and further reading to the social media post explaining why the most sustainable outfit is already in your wardrobe.

Cosh Eco, How does textile recycling work?

Fast company, 2022: Why ‘recycled’ clothes are so hard to recycle

Business of Fashion, 2023: When Sustainable Fashion Does More Harm Than Good

Impulso, 2022: The problem with overproduction – explained

Labfresh: The Fashion Lab Index

The Washington Post, 2023: What really happens to your clothes after you donate them

Telegraph, 2022: The truth behind what really happens to all the clothes rejected by charity shops

Tidningen Land, 2019 (Swedish language): Att tänka på när du skänker kläder till second hand

Naturvårdsverket (Swedish language): Så påverkar konsumtionen i Sverige

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