Fix a climate-friendly workplace

An impactful way to take climate action is to influence your workplace and your company to become more climat- friendly. Reach out to the management team or your manager and ask them to:

  • introduce a climate, supplier and travel policy.
  • serve vegetarian or vegan food as norm with meat as an option. Go “Veggie First”!
  • order catering from companies that makes delicous food out of food waste. 
  • replace IT equipment when it is no longer functional instead of every third or fourth year as is the usual standard.
  • buy second-hand IT equipment, for example via Inrego.
  • fix first. Repair before buying new.
  • reduce food waste by notifying coworkers when there is food left from events and meetings.
  • switch to renewable electricity.
  • rent or buy second hand office furniture, via for example reCreate (Sweden), Recycled Business Furniture (UK) or Sustainable Office Furniture (Australia).
  • start calculating your company’s carbon footprint. We at GoClimate both offer an automated calculation tool and manual calculations

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