Climate-friendly gifts

Hållbara och klimatsmartajulklappstips

Can you celebrate the holidays and work to fight climate change at the same time? Absolutely! Below we have listed our best tips for climate-friendly presents. Reducing the number of gifts, giving a climate-friendly experience or mutually agreeing that all gifts are to be bought second hand this year is a great way to reduce the climate footprint of giving gifts to loved ones.

1. A GoClimate gift card
Give your loved ones a couple of months with balanced emissions! Try out our climate gift cards and contribute with climate finance to speed up the transition to a more sustainable society.

2. The card playing game Climate Call
Does a trip by air across the Atlantic have a greater climate impact than eating a steak a day for a year?
Players of Climate Call get to learn how the climate is affected by our everyday life. The game is guaranteed to spark a lively discussion! 

3. A book
Reading is a great way to better understand the consequences of climate change and why it’s important that we act now, before it’s too late. How about a novel by Maja Lunde, the book Climate Justice, The World-Changing Cookbook or A Terrible thing to waste?

4. A subscription to a vegetarian food magazine
A lot of inspiration and recipes for someone who wants to eat less meat.

5. Vegetarian cooking class
Check your nearest vegan restaurant if they offer courses, many of them do.

6. A vegetarian food box
Give away a subscription to a vegetarian or plant-based food box

7. Buy something pre-owned or choose something from home that you haven’t used for a while
Make an agreement that this year’s gift exchange consists of second hand presents. The climate footprint of such a gift is almost zero.


If you love the idea of mountains of nicely wrapped presents, introduce a new tradition that can give you lots of gifts – or none at all..! Try out this holiday gift game where everyone contributes with 1-2 gifts (all pre-owned, of course). Follow the instructions below.

  1. Gather arouand and put all the gifts in the centre.
  2. Bring out a dice.
  3. Each participant rolls the dice. When getting a 1 or a 6, that player can choose a present from the pile. Continue until there are no gifts left.
  4. Open the gifts you won (if you did win any).
  5. Now the fun begins. Set the time for 5-10 min depending on how long you want to keep going. Then put away the timer so no one sees how much time is left.
  6. Start rolling the dice again. Now you get to take someone else’s present every time you hit a one or six. When the timer rings, the game is over and you can keep all (or no) gifts that you have managed to collect.

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