What climate projects we invest in

We believe that the climate crisis is the most important challenge that our generation face. Therefore we prioritize investing in projects that reduce climate change as much as possible.

Many climate reducing projects have a social or humanitarian aspect as well. We believe these issues are important, but consider them not as pressing as the climate crisis. We therefore invest in projects that have the greatest possible climate impact and do not weigh in other aspects as much.

There have been examples of climate projects that have done harm to the nature and region around them, such as large hydro dams that have displaced local inhabitants in that area. These projects existed when the idea of carbon offset was new. When awareness of these kinds of projects was raised, they were removed. If something similar would happen again, we would not want to invest in them or any other projects that do social or humanitarian harm. But other than that, we simply invest in the most effective climate impact reducing projects that we can find.

We have been investing in UN-certified CDM-projects, but have migrated to Gold Standard projects since August 2017. Gold Standard projects have a higher likelihood of being additional. In order to do this we adjusted our prices as of 26/7 2017.

You can read more about the projects we have invest in here: https://www.goclimate.com/blog/category/investment/