Supporting different causes by signing petitions can be a very powerful and easy way of creating change. We have collected active petitions in different areas of the world – browse our suggestions below and get ready to make a difference!

Bundesbank, don’t stand against climate action! (
Sign and demand the EU and EU governments withdraw from the ECT (EU) (
Stop big polluters from suing our governments (

Raise your voice for Climate Justice – (Greenpeace International)
Support a #justrecovery (

Bring justice to the Amazon (Avaaz)

Support making Ecocide an international crime

Support the Fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty

Deutsche Bank: Drop EACOP!


Fossilreklam, nej tack! (Greenpeace)

Våra Barns Klimat- bli ditt barns röst för klimatet!

Skydda Amazonas och säg nej till handelsavtalet med Brasilien! (Greenpeace)

Skydda svensk skog (Greenpeace)

Flygfritt 2022

Så kan du stoppa naturförstörelse från att hamna i din varukorg – och skydda vår natur – Greenpeace Sweden

Say no to polluter payouts (Paid to pollute)

Tell Tesco: Stop forest destruction (Greenpeace)

UK Government: No more oil and gas (Greenpeace)

Save the wild coast! (Greenpeace)

Tell President Biden: Ban New Oil and Gas Permits on Public Lands and Waters – (Greenpeace)

Demand an end to human rights violations and the destruction of the Amazon rainforest (Greenpeace)

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