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100% financial transparency

This is what your money is contributing to

1. Climate projects

We support high quality Gold Standard-certified climate projects to speed up the transition to a sustainable planet.

2. Behavioral change

We can't just offset our emissions and continue as normal. We educate, inspire and help individuals lower their carbon footprint.

3. System change

To fight climate change we need to mobilize people to show politicians and companies that we need a systems change now.

GoClimate in numbers

Main KPI
913,134 tonnes avoided CO2e-emissions
Climate footprint 2022
6,7 tonnes CO2e
Number of community members
Users from
51 different countries
Number of companies we have helped
11 full time
Latest fiscal year turnover
14,780,077 SEK
Sum dividend to shareholders
0 SEK (everything is invested for maximum climate impact)

Here's where the climate projects we support are

These types of projects are we supporting

Financial Information

GoClimate Sweden AB (registration number 559130-6583) was started 2017 with a focus on social entrepreneurship and the sole ambition and goal to try to slow down climate change as fast as possible. Since 2022 GoClimate is partly owned by South Pole. GoClimate continues to operate autonomously with our goal of stopping climate change, with no changes to management or operation.

Fiscal Years 2017-2022

All results are presented in Swedish Krona (SEK).


Alexander Lyckow, PwC

2017-2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Climate Offsets from our users 974,155 3,640,310 4,564,300 5,768,523 7,385,354
Revenue from companies 1,198,984 1,911,300 2,899,181 4,800,245 7,315,220
Total 2,173,138 5,548,990 7,463,481 10,568,768 14,700,574
Investments in Climate Projects -1,830,670 -2,251,747 -3,146,345 -7,426,063 -9,846,100
Salary Costs 0 -1,290,572 -2,789,738 -3,367,837 -5,257,617
Other Operating Expenses -256,844 -997,787 -1,584,822 -1,118,512 -1,833,220
Total -2,087,514 -4,540,106 -7,520,905 -12,025,717 -16,936,937
Result 48,018 595,549 -12,088 -1,244,844 -2,256,383
Carried forward to next year 48,018 595,549 -12,088 -596,914 -2,853,297
Dividends 0 0 0 0 0

The results are carried forward to the following year for maximum climate impact

You can read more details about our costs here.

Annual reports

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