How we calculate the offset plans

Climate offset plan calculations are very hard to get exactly right. Every person is different and lives differently, and it would require large amounts of data to get a climate offset plan perfect. You would need to know how much kilowatts your electricity bill was last month, what type of aircraft you flew last time, how heavily it was loaded, what your every meal contained and where the contents were produced. So it’s basically impossible to get the climate calculations – and therefor climate offset plan calculations – exactly right.

So, instead of making you enter every detail about your energy consumption we have taken an average value from a few important and easy variables: what you eat in general, what category of car you drive and how much you drive, and how far and how often you fly. We make an estimate from these variables that is probably somewhat in the neighborhood of your true climate footprint.

When you choose one of our plans, we aim at offsetting more than the climate impact of your lifestyle to be on the safe side, actually about two times as much. The reason for that is that our planet desperately needs every ton of C02 we can save her from. So you can feel somewhat comfortable with that you are indeed living a climate neutral life when choosing the offset plan that best corresponds to your way of living and in that way participating in fighting climate change.

But more important and better (and a lot harder for most people) then offsetting is to actually reduce your climate impact. When you sign up with our service we will do all we can to give you information on positive and creative ways to reduce your climate footprint.